Our Little Taco Safari

26 03 2009

Most of you know that I heart tacos & I post all my taco cravings & escapades on TACOJOURNALISM.  Well, here’s yet another exciting adventure in tacos. Check out this TJ cross-post…

A few weeks ago we posted the Taco Safari on Dishola – Reviews by the Dish (which you can still view on their site).We wanted to post it on TJ now for your viewing pleasure (in case you missed it!).

Check it out….

For our first Dishola Food Safari, I wanted to tackle a food that was close to my heart – tacos of course. As a self-proclaimed Taco-Journalist (tacojournalism.com), I pride myself in knowing where to find the best tacos anywhere. So for this taco safari, I wrote down my go-to taquerias & taco trucks list, gathered a few good amigos & off we were to find the best Tacos Al Pastor in Austin, TX.