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9 04 2009

It’s been tacos all week! Check out the latest on Taco Journalism on Austin360.

All Taco Bulletin! TacoJounalism & Tour de Tacos on Statesman/Austin360!

8 04 2009
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Last month, Mike Sutter (Austin American Statesman’s Food Critic) & I hit the estreets looking for some good tacos! In fact, we were so committed in our search, our bellies took on 40ish tacos & 10 taquerias in our Tour de Tacos aventura! And now it has hit the interweb & tomorrow look for it on the cover of the Statesman’s XL. You’ll read about all the taco joints we hit up, meet the Taco Mafia (the Taco Journalists from & you’ll end up craving even more tacos!

Check out the story, blog post y photos!

Barbacoa! Al Pastor! Tacos, tacos!

More more more! Let’s call it Trailer-Vision, the superhuman ability to spot a taco truck from miles away. Read mas!

Tour de Tacos

Armando Rayo has a gift. He can spot a taco trailer from blocks away, before even the barest hint of it is visible to the untrained eye. Read mas!

Tour de Tacos: Photo Gallery