Workshops & Speaking Engagements

Equipping communities to create change

Multicultural Leadership Engagement: Strategies for an Inclusive Board

Does your nonprofit board of directors reflect your community? Do you want to have a more inclusive and multicultural board? Multicultural Leadership Engagement will give you the tools to develop relationships with multicultural leaders in the community, increase the awareness with existing board members of the importance of a diverse and inclusive board and provide strategies that will make your board more multicultural and increase it’s relevance with these communities.

Hispanic Engagement

Hispanics are now the largest minority in the United States. By 2050, 30% of the U.S. population will be of Latino descent, making them a significant economic force. Hispanics are the fastest growing population in U.S, but do you really understand how diverse this community truly is (e.g. bi-cultural, low-income, business professionals, immigrants, etc.) and how to best engage the different segments of this community? Hispanic Engagement is a process of building community, relationships, & trust with Hispanic communities. Hispanic Engagement utilizes authentic engagement strategies that create advocates for people, neighborhoods & issues within communities. It is an inclusive, innovative & culturally relevant approach that informs, educates, engages & strengthens communities. Learn about the different segments of the Hispanic community & what it takes to authentically engage this booming population.

Multicultural Marketing

Are you interested in engaging new or more diverse populations? Do you want to learn how to create authentic messages that resonate with a multicultural America? If so, then you are ready for multicultural marketing, an inclusive and culturally relevant approach that not only reaches diverse populations but creates trust and builds advocates for people and organizations. Learn the basic tools to engage multicultural communities by understanding population changes, cultural insights and motivations; and ways your organization can start to engage and market to diverse populations.

The New Volunteer: A Multi-Cultural Approach to Community Engagement

Are you ready for the new volunteer? The new volunteer is innovative, creative, multi-generational, has a strong cultural identity and is ready to lead and serve. Understanding volunteer trends, communities of color, culture & community engagement are essential to any organization. A multi-cultural approach to community engagement is a process of building community, relationships, & trust with multi-cultural communities. Multi-Cultural Engagement utilizes authentic engagement strategies that create advocates for people, neighborhoods, nonprofits & issues within communities. It is an inclusive, innovative & culturally relevant approach that informs, educates, engages & strengthens communities.

Whether you’re looking to engage the new volunteer (project-based to skill-based), board members, or develop relationships with multi-cultural communities, this session will provide the tools you need to get started.

Community Engagement Toolbox

Community engagement is the process of building partnerships and working collaboratively with diverse groups of people to create change in communities. The Community Engagement Toolbox is a set of resources that can help you get started on the road to engaging communities in creating change. Learn the guiding principles (authenticity, innovation & collaboration) & key concepts (volunteerism, advocacy, dialogue, education & leadership) & programming that can be implemented in all communities.

Engaging Low-income & Cultural Communities in Civic Action

Building trust, listening and being intentional are effective strategies to engage cultural and low-income communities. In this session you will learn how to effectively engage these communities in civic action.

Neighborhood Engagement

Helping out neighborhoods is a great way to strengthen communities. It’s a good way to connect with families, get to know neighbors and neighborhood leaders, and it creates opportunities to understand neighborhood needs & concerns. In this session, you will learn authentic neighborhood engagement principles (passions, needs & aspirations) and how to effectively engage neighbors and build trust within neighborhoods.

Speaking Engagements
Armando Rayo’s experiences are deep rooted in the community and nonprofit sector. Rayo serves as a frequent speaker/panelist/presenter at local & national conferences. Rayo provides tools & insights on Hispanic Engagement, the New Volunteer, Authenticity, Community Engagement & Volunteerism and Social Media.

Workshops & Speaking Engagements

Multicultural Marketing – City of Austin Cultural Affairs Division

Hispanic Engagement – Gov 2.0 National Conference

Multicultural Engagement – Greenlights for Nonprofit Success

Keynote: Cultural Strategies for Collaboration – Casa de Amigos Diversity Conference

Community Engagement Toolbox – National Conference on Service & Volunteering – Points of Light Institute & Hands On Network

Community Engagement 101 – United Way Worldwide Young Leader’s Conference – United Way Worldwide

Engaging the Poor and People of Color in Organized Service – Corporation for National and Community Service

Keynote: Neighborhood Engagement – UNCA Family Strengthening Award Mini Conference – United Neighborhood Centers of America

The New Volunteer – Governor’s Nonprofit Leadership Conference – OneStar Foundation

Hispanic Engagement/Engagement in Low-Income & Cultural Communities – Keep Texas Beautiful State Conference – Keep Texas Beautiful

Hispanic Engagement – RISE – Relationship & Information Series for Entrepreneurs – MPower Labs

Project Innovation – United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County


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