On Your Feet International Music & Dance Extravaganza!

30 04 2009

I know I’m gonna get my Lionel Richie on & dance, all night looong, all night, all niiight…at On Your Feet International Music & Dance Extravaganza! It’s basically like that Lionel Richie video where he dances on the ceiling & brings world cultures to MTV, except my friend Ahmed is bringing it to Austin, TX y’all!  Of course, Ahmed just doesn’t do it for himself or for the party sake, he does it to help nuestra gente! All proceeds of the event will benefit Casa Marianella which helps immigrant families with shelter, jobs & resources.

This is what they have in store for tonight’s show…

“An exotic evening of sizzling music and captivating dances by world class performers that are sure to keep your feet moving and your head bobbing!

Headlining the evening is Austin’s worst kept Secret Atash with their curvaceous Indian-middle eastern melodies & addictive percussive rhythms.

Lannaya will perform intoxicating dances, songs and rhythms from Guinea and the Ivory Coast with a fierce and beautiful energy.

One half of a world championship team, Jose Santoyo, along with music video vixen Robyn Chance,will perform special salsa routines that are sure to be caliente

Ritmo Tres is an exquisite ensemble of Salsa musicians that are sure to delight the crowd with their heart pumping salsa rhythms.

Sabaya is a belly dance collective that will mesmerize the audience with their hypnotic sensual moves.

Govinda Music Company is an inspired fusion of Middle-Eastern, Indian, Celtic and southern Spanish musical cultures with the beats and sounds of modern electronic.

Buscando El Monte performs a creative compilation of traditional Cuban songs, Afro-Cuban rhythms, and American jazz melodies that resonate with the heart of the world.

Aqua Drums Percussionist Dan Egger-Belandria is the creator of the Aqua Drums concept of blending lights, percussion and water into a spectacular audiovisual show.”

See you there!