El Rey de Twitteros

12 02 2009

Ever since I started Twitteando, I’ve wondered how many Latinos live it, love it, & Twitpic their tacos with it. So in my great search for other like-minded enthusiasts I ran into a paisano, Matt Reyes – El Rey de Twitteros. So of course, I joined and was curious, ever since he made it big time! by hitting 100 new members on the site. So I sent him a few of preguntas and this is what he had to say….

@elmundodemando: Tell me about yourself.

@mattreyes: Uh oh. En serio? Let’s see. I’m from a very small town in the Big Bend part of Texas. Grew up the son of a butcher and a librarian (the only meat I eat is chicken, but I do love to read). I am a Longhorn alum and now work in Hispanic marketing in Austin, Texas.

@elmundodemando: Orale! (That’s just our way of acknowledging and/or agreeing with his statement)

@elmundodemando: Oye mang, Que es Twitteros?

@mattreyes: Twitteros is a community for Latinos who Twitter! Put simply: if you use Twitter and you’re Latino, you too can join!


@elmundodemando: Is it only for Latinos or can other people join?

@mattreyes: The cool thing about being a Latino is that it’s a culture and not an ethnicity. Meaning, puedes ser un ranchero con blonde hair, a twang accent, and with the last name Jones and still be a Latino. In other words, if you can laugh at the jokes on George Lopez, you might be a Latino.

@elmundodemando: Are there a lot of Latinos on the onlines? What about Twitter?

@mattreyes: I’d say there’s a sizable amount, but we’re not as near where we should be. But, the cool thing is that if we don’t own a computer, we’ll find a place where there is one (libraries, the tienda down the street, or at a primo’s house). I think it’s our job as influential Twitteros to help guide gente onto the web and have them share their stories!

As for Twitter, we’re a-growin’. Those who are on there are very active! They are well-connected and know how to cultivate their relationships.

@elmundodemando: Palabra!

@elmundodemando: So what kind of stuff happens on Twitteros?

@mattreyes: Todo party 24/7. In all honesty, anything can happen on Twitteros. People talk about music. If you have a question about the economy, Twitteros can ask our 100+ members! Surely, there’s someone who has an answer! If you’re looking for more people to read your blog, it’s GREAT for networking. If you just want someone to talk to, that can be arranged as well! Really, it’s a place and a forum to talk about whatever you think impacts you, our community, and the world!

@elmundodemando: Yeah, it’s like a carne asada or a kick-back, except you just eat by your laptops (while you’re on the onlines)!

@elmundodemando: Dime brothé, How can people join?

@mattreyes: Just log on to http://twitteros.net and click “Sign up!”

@elmundodemando: Que mas?

@mattreyes: What? Nothing about tacos? #3 at Maudie’s! Cripsy chicken tacos!

@elmundodemando: Thank you very much y muchas gracias!