RISE 2010: African-American Sessions

28 02 2010

INCLUSIVE – That’s my theme for this year’s RISE Entrepreneurs Conference. I’ve been able to reach out and invite entrepreneurs from different communities, and with their participation, RISE is going to be better than ever! One of the people I got connected with and who has been very helpful is Donell Creech from GriotMedia. Even though Donell couldn’t host a session this year, he’s been very helpful in highlighting the RISE African-American sessions through his website and network, SoulCiti. Donell also created the enclosed RISE African-American Sessions announcement.  Mil gracias Donell!

Sign up for one today on the RISE Austin website!

Entrepreneurship at Hispanic Futures Conference

3 12 2009

My friend and Queen of Community Service, Linda Medina invited me to talk at Saturday’s Hispanic Futures Conference. I think she already knew I coudn’t say no since I serve on the community advisory council. I’m looking forward to it not only because I can talk to kids in their language (yes, I am a big niño) but because I can talk to them about creating possibilities through entrepreneurship which for me just means being creative, innovative & dreaming big!

I’m a late bloomer. I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I was young and I kind of just landed in the work I do. The good thing is that I enjoy it, am passionate about it and that’s what keeps me going. If you have that, the creativity and the ideas will follow. I want to make the connection between the “real world” and going to college for the kids at the conference. This is a message kids don’t really hear too much about but I think it’s an important one; it’s a way to connect the dots to the longterm benefits of finishing school.    I think if we had more teaching moments like these, we would have more kids understanding the importance of finishing high school and going to college, especially the kids that really need help in our communities.

I’ll let you know how it goes or you can check it out yourself and join us at the Hispanic Futures Conference.

Hispanic Futures Conference

Travis High School

1211 E. Oltorf

8:15am – 1:00pm