Hispanic Philanthropy: FuturoFund to give out $50,000 to Central Texas nonprofits

14 07 2009

FuturoFund is looking to change the face of philanthropy & Latino Leadership in Central Texas.  In it’s inaugural year, they will be giving out $50,000 to two lucky nonprofits.  Now don’t think this is as easy as the next grant (not that they are); nonprofits must show how they serve the Latino community and how inclusive they are with their leadership (hint, hint – do you have a diverse board, leadership staff, etc.).  I think this is a great opportunity for nonprofits to showcase how connected they are with the Latino community and if not, how they’re willing to work to get there.      FUTUROFUND LOGO

Here are some additional details I received in the FuturoFund newsletter…

“The grant application and instructions are posted on the Austin Community Foundation website and applications are due by 5:00 pm on August 3rd.  In order to ensure we make the maximum impact with our funds, the Grants Committee determined that we will award a large grant of $40,000, and a smaller grant of $10,000 to organizations with an operating budget of less than $150,000.  More details on the grant requirements can be found here.

Congratulations to the FuturoFund members (including me!) y buena suerte to all the nonprofits.