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7 01 2010
Miguel A. Corona

Mando – Good straight forward information that can really be applied to any industry or initiative that includes reaching Hispanic groups. I particularly like your thoughts on “Being a Resource.” As someone involved in developing awareness amongst my clients, my goal is become a resource point for them in trying to optimize their workforce needs. Your post here is certainly on point in regards on what I communicate to my clients as well. Thanks.

8 01 2010

Hi Miguel. Yes, I use it for my work in the nonprofit and private sector as well. Thanks for reaching out.


11 01 2010
Brendan Hurley

Goodwill of Greater Washington (GGW) is trying hard to better engage the Hispanic population who makes up a growing percentage of shoppers in its Washington, DC area retail stores. As you know Goodwill provides job training services to people with disadvantages and disabilities but it funds that mission through the resale of donated goods at its retail stores.

GGW recently launched a Spanish fashion blog, designed to discuss vintage and contemporary fashions with a focus on Latin fashion and culture. The blog has been very well received and not only engages the Latina population online through discussions about fashion, but also better educates them on Goodwill’s important mission without hitting them over the head with it. The blog can be found at

12 01 2010

Hi Brendan. Yes, I’m very familiar with Goodwill. I’m helping the Goodwill in Austin engage Hispanics too. Your blog sounds very cool. Great example of Hispanic engagement! I’ll check it out. Adelante!


11 02 2010

Gracias por la inspiracion y que sigan los proyectos!!

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