Juan Tornoe’s 2 Centavos on Cinco de Mayo

8 05 2009

My colleague Juan Tornoe had an opportunity to share his 2 centavos on Cinco de Mayo on Nevada’s KNPR News.  Cinco has been glorified in America but rarely celebrated in Mexico (except for Puebla, MX). It seems like it’s beecome another hallmark holiday just focused on marketing Cinco to make more mula but at the same time, it’s also a great opportunity to celebrate Mexican history & hertiage & a time to educate people on our culture.  I love Juan’s quote…” Cinco de Mayo is a big opportunity to put a big sombrero on, go after a piñata & drink some Coronas.”  Check out his interview with Nevada News Public Radio…

Cinco de Mayo Thoughts on Nevada’s News 88.9 KNPR


What do you think? Is it just another way to make the American dollar or is it another opportunity to celebrate our Mexican heritage?




2 responses

9 05 2009
Manny Morales

Mando, yes I do think Cinco de Mayo was established as somebody’s idea to make some money and yes it’s another opportunity to celebrate our heritage. The key word is opportunity. We all have the opportunity to actively pursue that same American dollar and we also have, more importantly, the opportunity present our heritage as we want it portrayed and not stereo typed or diminished. Thanks, Manny. (I’m usually not this serious).

13 05 2009

Nice Manny! I like your dual opportunity stance. Gracias por contributing!

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