Mando & TacoJournalism on

9 04 2009

It’s been tacos all week! Check out the latest on Taco Journalism on Austin360.




2 responses

11 04 2009
Manny Morales

Hey, Mando I really liked the XL Cover Story. I do have to admit that when I turned the XL to page 2 and saw you with Taco Journalism, what came to mind was “Hey there’s Antonio Banderas” from the movie “El Mariachi.” You are one handsome guy and a “taco-ologist.” I am keeping this XL and putting it in my reference library for future reference. When Univision, Telemundo or Galavision start their own “El Austin Food Show” I want you on there. Keep up the good work. Thanks, Manny.

17 04 2009

Hey Manny. Gracias for your support. I’m no Antonio Banderas but I do fill out that Mariachi suit like I’m supposed to, right? Taco on, brother!

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